Thursday, April 25, 2013

New (to us) Headboard - Before and After

Two and a half months since my last post?! Good heavens!

Well, I finally have something to post about. Tim's sweet Aunt Sue asked us if we wanted a dresser, armoire, and headboard that belonged to her husband's father (or something like that) who was moving in with them. Free furniture? Yes, please! And it was BEAUTIFUL wood! YAY! I've got grand plans for the dresser and armoire but haven't tackled them yet. The headboard seemed more do-able so I started it first. Here's the before:

Loved the lines but light colored wood (with a heavy varnish) didn't really match anything in our house. What color should I do it? White of course! (My mom would be proud.) 

I took the headboard outside and spray primed it (I was too lazy to sand it), and then sprayed it white in a satin sheen. I forgot to take pictures of course but you can imagine me spraying while yelling at the curious dogs to stay away. Fun. 

Once inside, I took sandpaper and scuffed up all the edges and the center carving to bring out the lines. But strangely, some parts of the wood showed through darker than others.

No problem. I dipped a q-tip in some Dark Walnut stain and "painted" the raw wood that I wanted to be darker then wiped away the excess with a damp cloth. Much better.

I'm SO please with how the headboard turned out! Looks fantastic under the deer head that Joanna made. Now a few more pictures...