Saturday, February 1, 2014

Harris' Nursery

It's been far too long since I've written a post! Life has been very busy but Harris and I are starting to get into a rhythm and routine (and starting to sleep a little more at night!). When it snowed a few days ago and Tim and I were stuck inside, we decided to finish up a few things in the nursery. Yes, Harris  is almost 12 weeks old and the nursery still isn't finished. But hey, he's not even sleeping in there yet. Soon!

So I thought I would show a few pictures and let you know what's left to do.

Here's what you see when you walk in the door. The crib was a hand-me-down from Tim's sister and it's perfect! The glider was left behind from one of Tim's roommates a while ago and we bought the ottoman on the way back from a UGA game for $15. I recovered spray-painted them white and recovered them in a neutral stripe (which already has tons of spit-up stains - ew).

I got this super cute origami mobile from a very talented Etsy seller. Best part? We bartered! One of my costumes for one of her mobiles! And Harris LOVES staring at it! And behind the crib is the quilt I made Harris - my first quilt!

More pictures...

And yes, Harris just hung out on the couch while I cleaned up the room and took the pictures. And as soon as I was finished, he threw a fit. ;-)

The other wall...

Our built in bookcase holds all of Harris' items that we don't need everyday. Plus a few cute toys and books.

This is a sign I saw on Pinterest and wanted to make. We finally got in hung up a few days ago! I love it! I cut the boards to size, stained them to match the top of the dresser and then painted the verse on (after tracing the letters of course). 

This dresser was a gift from one of Tim's aunts. I stripped the top,  and stained it and then painted the rest white. And then spray-painted the original hardware with oil-rubbed bronze. LOVE it! It holds all of Harris' clothes, burp cloths (so many!), blankets, and such.

So that's the nursery so far. I still have a few things I want to do before it's actually completely finished. 


#1 - Put pictures in frames. I'm a terrible mother.

#2 - Stain and paint this little end table to match the dresser. I'm waiting for slightly warmer weather.

#3 - Remove the printing from this wipes container. I read about removing printing from plastic using acetone nail polish remover. And yes, I want it completely white because I am my mother. 

#4 - Put anti-slip things under the rugs we got from Ikea. We pretend like these two rugs (way cheaper!) are one big rug - which is much easier when they stay in place. 

#5 - Hang room-darkening curtains so we can start having Harris nap in the nursery.

#6 - Move the video monitor from our room to the nursery so that we can watch him nap.