Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Front Door Redo

 As soon as we knew that we would be staying in the house that Tim and his roommates are currently renting (we're kicking them out of course - don't worry, they all have places to go), I knew that I wanted to do a front door makeover. It had obviously been stained quite a while ago and weather was not kind to it. You could run your finger along it and chunks of stain would flake off. Not to mention the kickplate was so dirty that Brass-O didn't help at all. This is the door after I'd already started sanding the left side...

Old, old stain...

The poor door was begging for a makeover...

Plus, I had been dying to make a wreath with a C for Carson. ;-) Some burlap and a twig wreath from Hobby Lobby and a few hours later...

Aaaaaaaand, the finished door. :-D

One of the burlap rosettes was lovingly chewed by Rylie (our yellow lab) but it makes it personal. Rosettes were made my cutting burlap into strips and then hot gluing a ton until it looked like I wanted it to. Tim was the one that suggested to two burlaps behind the C to make it stand out more. Gosh, I like him a lot. And I just spray-painted the kickplate an antique brass color. The stain for the door was Antique Walnut Gloss. Looks pretty nice, huh? And don't worry, I took down the wreath when I left so the current roommates wouldn't have to see it each day. But as soon as I move to Milledgeville that sucker is going up to stay! (Or at least until I get bored of it and make something else...)


  1. That looks way better! awesome!

  2. Nice job! You can come do mine next or just make me a wreath... (Just kidding)

  3. Wow - that looks beautiful! Put that on Pinterest! Making a home is so much fun! Enjoy and cherish it!! ~Kendra Stapleton