Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sewing Room

We finally get to reveal the Sewing Room we've been working on for so long! There are still some finishing touches that I'd like to do but it's close enough to reveal. There are a lot of pictures so keep scrolling for the finished room.

So there is a building on our property (well, the property that our landlord owns - about 30 feet from our house) that looks like this:

Tim thinks Friday the 13th was filmed there.

As you might imagine, it is officially condemned. But do they tear it down? Nooooo. Just let it rot. Anyways, Tim and I peeked inside and despite the floor and ceiling caving in, there was furniture in there. Why our landlords don't care about wasting furniture, I don't know. Anyways, they let us use some of the furniture that was originally in our house (a couple of dresser/buffet things) so we figured they wouldn't mind if we used the bookshelf that was in the creepy house. But the backing on it was falling off so we took that off. This is what it looked like:

A fresh coat of paint helped immensely. We found some old (and I mean really old!) baseboard in the pantry:

I sanded it,

And then took all the rusty nails out. It's a surprise I didn't get tetanus. 

Tim added them to the bookcase...

And I painted them white too. Then filled in all the cracks with nail putty.

Oh, then Tim added new legs to the table he had already made to make it taller. Yup, we just bought 4x4 and painted it. We're cheap.

And now the table is awesome. Ready to see?

The view as you enter the room...

Off to the right there is a shipping station. 

Beside the table is a magazine rack (that we got as a wedding present - thanks Vance and Jenny Bell!) that I'm using to hold all my boxes, wrapping paper, tissue paper, and such. 

The finished bookcase! We added beadboard from Lowe's to the back. I like it so much I might ask our landlords if we can buy it when we leave. 

My fabulous new sewing table that Tim made. (Oh, and Tim made me that "C" for Christmas. It holds thread.)

Oh! We wanted a plexiglass top so the raw wood wouldn't catch on fabric. Tim got a spare piece from Chick-fil-A that they'd had in storage for three years. He re-cut it and it looks fabulous!

Then I have an ironing station. We stole those shelves from Tim's parents' house.

I still haven't organized the cabinet yet. Eventually, folks. 

Oh! and I found these glass containers at the Salvation Army. $1.85 for three.

A quick coat of red spray paint (leftover from when Tim painted the rocking chairs on the front step) and they look fabulous as bookends for my patterns.

Oh, and these? Squares of cardboard cut from USPS mailing boxes and covered in wrapping paper and then hung with Command strips.

I'm sure I have other tidbits that I didn't mention. Feel free to ask for more details!

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