Saturday, February 1, 2014

Harris' Nursery

It's been far too long since I've written a post! Life has been very busy but Harris and I are starting to get into a rhythm and routine (and starting to sleep a little more at night!). When it snowed a few days ago and Tim and I were stuck inside, we decided to finish up a few things in the nursery. Yes, Harris  is almost 12 weeks old and the nursery still isn't finished. But hey, he's not even sleeping in there yet. Soon!

So I thought I would show a few pictures and let you know what's left to do.

Here's what you see when you walk in the door. The crib was a hand-me-down from Tim's sister and it's perfect! The glider was left behind from one of Tim's roommates a while ago and we bought the ottoman on the way back from a UGA game for $15. I recovered spray-painted them white and recovered them in a neutral stripe (which already has tons of spit-up stains - ew).

I got this super cute origami mobile from a very talented Etsy seller. Best part? We bartered! One of my costumes for one of her mobiles! And Harris LOVES staring at it! And behind the crib is the quilt I made Harris - my first quilt!

More pictures...

And yes, Harris just hung out on the couch while I cleaned up the room and took the pictures. And as soon as I was finished, he threw a fit. ;-)

The other wall...

Our built in bookcase holds all of Harris' items that we don't need everyday. Plus a few cute toys and books.

This is a sign I saw on Pinterest and wanted to make. We finally got in hung up a few days ago! I love it! I cut the boards to size, stained them to match the top of the dresser and then painted the verse on (after tracing the letters of course). 

This dresser was a gift from one of Tim's aunts. I stripped the top,  and stained it and then painted the rest white. And then spray-painted the original hardware with oil-rubbed bronze. LOVE it! It holds all of Harris' clothes, burp cloths (so many!), blankets, and such.

So that's the nursery so far. I still have a few things I want to do before it's actually completely finished. 


#1 - Put pictures in frames. I'm a terrible mother.

#2 - Stain and paint this little end table to match the dresser. I'm waiting for slightly warmer weather.

#3 - Remove the printing from this wipes container. I read about removing printing from plastic using acetone nail polish remover. And yes, I want it completely white because I am my mother. 

#4 - Put anti-slip things under the rugs we got from Ikea. We pretend like these two rugs (way cheaper!) are one big rug - which is much easier when they stay in place. 

#5 - Hang room-darkening curtains so we can start having Harris nap in the nursery.

#6 - Move the video monitor from our room to the nursery so that we can watch him nap. 


  1. This is the cutest room ever!! Its really cool how you guys took the time to redo some of the furniture to make it match the other things (I don't think Id ever have the patience...and I'd probably mess it up).