Monday, May 20, 2013

First Nursery Project - DONE!

With Baby Carson approximately 27 weeks away (say WHAT?!?!), it was time to get started on some nursery projects! Our goal is to spend as little as possible on preparing the nursery which means plenty of DIY projects! YAY!

First up, a glider.

So Tim had this for when he and the roommates were living together. Don't ask me why 4 bachelors need a glider. Apparently a former roommate had it and didn't want to take it with him when he left. So it sat in our Great Room (or Catch All Room it should be called) for forever. Since we already had it and it was free, it became the first project!

Tools needed:
Rustoleum White Satin spray paint (2 cans) ~ $10
Sandpaper  - had on hand
Fabric - $12 for 6 yards (used about 3 yards)

So this poor rocker was pretty dirty. Sitting for at least a year doesn't do good things for fabric. Add some lovely stains and it just HAD to be reupholstered.

I started by taking the cushions off (the arm pieces snapped on) and threw them all in the washer. Better already.

I lightly sanded the entire piece (or at least the parts I could easily reach)...

and then wiped it down to remove sanding dust and other dirt.

Then I started spray painting. I did a VERY light first coat and then sprayed a second and third light coat. I've learned the hard way not to do thick coats of spray paint. Some of the angles were hard to get so I sprayed as much as I could, brought it inside to dry for a few days, then turned it upside down and spray the remainder.

While it was drying the second time (letting paint cure is the key to not having it scrap off!), I worked on the cushions which I had let air dry for a few days. I ripped the fabric off the seat cushion (after marking where the few pleats were...

... and then used it for the pattern on the new fabric.

For the seat, I just remade the cover just like the one I had taken off - pleats and all.

For the back cushion, I just made a slip cover by tracing around the entire piece on the new fabric. I made sure to remove the velcro that attaches it to the spokes and add it to the new slip cover.

The arm pieces, I slip covered too (with pleats too!) and just cut holes for the snaps to come through. All the snaps are pretty hidden so I wasn't too worried about perfection.

(And yes, I already nicked the arm. It barely fits through a doorway!)

The stripes match on the seat cushion in front but seat and the back cushion don't line up. Oh well.

I'm loving how it turned out!!!

Next project: a Bible verse sign to hang in the nursery!

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