Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sentimental Thought of the Night...

It's finally hit me. Five and a half weeks into marriage and I've had that "A-ha" moment. It happened tonight: combine me not feeling well with not being able to get to sleep with my husband's snoring being triple the usual volume and I got the epiphany:
"This whole marriage and husband thing isn't exactly what I had imagined."

And then I had a second epiphany: "It's so much better."

God has so richly blessed me over this past year. Tim and I haven't even known each other a year yet (we met on eHarmony last September 23rd) but these have been the most joyous 11 months of my life. Love and marriage is so much more than my 16-year-old self could have ever dreamed. Marriage isn't just having a guy that promises to be with you for forever. It's having a partner to watch new TV shows with. It's having a new family member that uses his off day to drive to Dalton to visit my family. It's having an arm around my shoulders at church. It's having an extra pair of hands to help paint the living room. It's having a selfless worker that mows our yard on his off day. It's having a cute guy to kiss at red lights. It's having unconditional love when I least deserve it. It's having a man that can't wait to have kids of our own so we can be ridiculously strict parents. It's having loving ears to listen to me wax on and on about silly things. It's having a husband that gets up before the sun to go to work and never once complains. It's having someone to grow with, laugh with, cry with, celebrate with, dream with and simply *be* with. I'm so glad I didn't know marriage would be this amazing because I would have been so much more anxious to find my "one"! I can't wait to tackle all life has to throw at us with this man at my side. DeLancey and Tim - taking on the world together. Tonight, *that's* what being the Epic Carsons means.


  1. I agree! I honestly wasn't sure what to expect out of marriage. So I decided to let God handle it--submit to what He wants, and let Him give me the marriage He wants me to have. And DANG, God is good at pouring love into His children!

  2. DeLancey,
    I know we haven't met yet, but tonight I have seen a small glimpse into the heart of the woman that one of my best friends married. If anyone in this world deserves a great woman it is Tim. He has always been a great friend and an even better example as a christian man. He speaks very highly about you, (obviously, you guys are married)and I can not wait to meet you. Hope to see you soon.

    Kevin Alexander

    P.S. Tim snores like a champ!!!! haha

  3. Well, thankfully I haven't had to experience the snoring, but I have to say... this was a beautiful and obviously heartfelt account of what marriage is like, and I couldn't agree more. :o)
    Everything in life is better with Anna near by, and even the most enjoyable activity is bland without her.
    Well said Mrs. Carson. Keep up the good blogging!