Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Tardis in our Living Room...

People who know me know that I like the TV show Doctor Who. It's a British sci-fi show about a time traveling alien. And it's awesome. It's currently in it's 7th season (which in fact started tonight - September 1st). Of course I forced Tim to watch a ton of episodes and he started to like it quite a bit too. So last week we were sitting in our living room having just watched an episode and getting all excited about the upcoming season when Tim had a brilliant idea. "Let's paint the living room doors into a TARDIS!" For the non-geek readers, a TARDIS is the "spaceship" used in Doctor Who. It looks like this:
It's modeled after real Police Boxes from the 1920s in London. Anyways, the french doors to our living room were in pretty bad shape. They were half painted a fading white and half raw wood. Yikes. You can sorta see them in the background on the left here:

Well, we primed and then painted. Tim cut boards to place on top and a board for the call box area. I found handles on clearance at Hobby Lobby and we already had the light. Then the very epic Joanna Jinright just so happened to be coming down to spend the night so we begged her to paint the POLICE BOX letters. She free-handed them. She's amazing. 

So here's our Tardis French Doors! We are so proud of them!!!

To add to the illusion of looking inside the Tardis, Tim used scrap window framing he found in our shed (which he excellently cut to size) and then put contact paper on the other side of the glass to make it "foggy" so you can't see the magical spaceship inside.

Police boxes used to have phones so you could call the police and so we created a faux door where the phone would have been. Tim cut the wood and painted it and then we printed off the wording from the internet. Oh, and found hinges to add to the effect!

Seriously, isn't Joanna amazing??? The lettering looks beyond perfect!

This was our motion activated light that Tim had the great idea to use as the beacon on top. He even painted the plastic parts with the same National Blue Velvet paint!

So that's what our living room doors look like now!!! Check back soon to see what the inside of the living room looks like!!!


  1. DeLancey- its so awesome to hear from you and glad to hear you two are doing well. And then you go and do aomething I think all Whovians want to do... you are so my hero now!! I love it!! Miss you tons.

  2. THIS IS AWESOME! From one sci-fi family to another, well done, well done indeed!!

  3. This is fantastic! Well done, y'all are very creative and crafty. This must have been tons of fun for you! : )

    As a die-hard Whovian though, I feel that I cannot let one thing you said in your post go by uncorrected. That is, it is the 7th SERIES that just premiered, not the 7th SEASON. Doctor Who is one of the longest-running shows ever on television, and the original 7th season aired decades ago! Since we've just had the modern revamped version for the past few years, the new Doctor Who seasons are called Series 1, Series 2, etc. : ) No huge deal, but something that is worth noticing (at least for the hard-core fans like me).

  4. Ha, Carrie, thanks for correcting me! Of course I meant that it was the 7th series of the current revamp of Doctor Who but I figured most of my readers (aka my mom) might get confused. ;-) And in Britain seasons are called series but that's also confusing. Also, it should be pointed out that we made the 10th Doctor's Tardis not the 11th Doctor's which is why there is no emblem that says St John Ambulance on the right door and why the windows are not edged in white. But I figured no one else would know the difference... ;-) Though the blue we used is more 11th Doctor - oh well! :-D