Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little changes...

No huge progress steps today but I did make little changes which I am LOVING! First, the bathroom has exactly ZERO rods for hanging towels. We have "over-the-door" hooks to hang ones we're currently using but I wanted somewhere to put new, clean towels. Thanks to Ikea we spent $14.99 and got this shelf. We added some nice white towels we got as wedding presents (thank you to everyone who bought us new towels!!!) and TADA!

Oh, then our bedside tables! Yesterday I spray painted Tim's nightstand that looked like this:
It was way too modern for my taste so I wanted to change it. Handles are a great way to change the look of a piece without spending much money! We found handles we liked at Hobby Lobby (always 50% off!). Then I put them on like Dad taught me how. First, measure the front of the drawer and find the exact middle and mark it with a pencil. Then measure the distance between the holes in the handles (3.75" for us), divide it in half (1 7/8") and mark that distance away from the center. 

Then drill pilot holes with a drill bit slightly smaller than your screws.
Then screw your handles on. We only had silver screws...
But a touch of black paint covered them up perfectly!
 The finished product?
YAY! They look so good now! (And isn't that the cutest little tin box? Another sweet wedding present.) As soon as we get our new bedding on (which requires finding a super cheap duvet to stick inside the duvet cover) and Tim puts up the new bedside lighting, I'll show you a picture of the updated room! Hooray for little changes!

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