Friday, August 24, 2012


Tim worked a million hours yesterday (Thursday). And by a million, I mean 12. So while he was busy at work, I decided to be busy here. This is what our "Sewing Room/Office" looked like Tuesday morning:
Yup. Pretty bad. It held all our stuff we were collecting for a yard sale, all my stuff from my last trip to Dalton (winter clothing, shoes, sewing stuff, etc), all our tools and all our cleaning supplies. Kinda a catch-all room. Enough of that!

Oh, and we have a Great Room that spans the length of the house that we are closing off because it has exactly zero insulation and is ridiculous to try to cool! So all the yard sale stuff will go in there. Along with anything else I don't wanna deal with right now. ;-)
Thursday night this is what the Sewing Room looked like:
Empty at least... but NASTY! Tim is going to rip up the rest of the carpet soon. Thank heavens!

 Next project: Our Bedroom. As soon as we got back form Maine, we moved the bed into the first part of the room underneath the epic deer head made my the very talented Joanna. The problem was our bed side tables. I had two black ones (on the left in the picture) but they were WAY too wide. Tim had one (a Malm from Ikea) that worked well and was the right size but wasn't very visually appealing (sorry honeybun!). He suggested getting me a white one, painting his and then he conceded to putting cute handles on them.

 Yesterday I put together my Malm (only $39 at Ikea) and added two black handles from Hobby Lobby ($1.50 each). It looks so fabulous! Pictures soon!
We also got a new duvet cover at Ikea and bedside lamps so check back soon for more updates!

Off to clean up the junk that has moved to the hallway...

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  1. When Philip and I married we moved into a 12x40 trailer! It was small, to say the least, but we were (for one of the few times in our lives, debt-free). We painted and ripped up carpet and painted some more. Took down a closet door (because Anna came just 10 months later) and placed a chest-of-drawers there. The 2nd bedroom was just big enough for the baby bed!! You will cherish this time. I'm sure you already do.