Monday, August 27, 2012

The bedroom update!!!

I am LOVING this update. This might actually be my very favorite update we've done to the house so far. And it's great because we get to take it all with us when we move (which probably won't be for a year or two). And it's all brought to you by the amazing Tim Carson who battled tripped breakers, completely took down a light when I decided it needed to be a foot higher, and replaced a faulty pullchain which required dissecting one of the lights. He's pretty awesome. ;-D

Anyways! Enough about my amazing husband. The reveal!!!

Wait for it....

 Tim and I took quite a few pictures so I'm posting a lot of them so you can see with different lighting and from different angles!

Like the deer head? I gave it to Tim on Valentine's Day and it was made by my very talented friend Joanna Jinright. Seriously. She's amazing.

 These are the lights we got for $14.99 at Ikea and they are perfect! And Tim had the great idea to hide the cord so he picked up this at Lowe's. He cut it in half to use on each side and then used a level to make sure it was straight. It's got sticky stuff on the back so he just peeled off the tabs and pressed it onto the wall. If we had any extra paint, I would have painted it to blend in but that's okay! It still looks super neat and tidy! I love it!

 The duvet cover we also got at Ikea for $49.99. We got a king-size cover even though we only have a queen size bed because I love how it comes down longer on the sides! And it's better in case you have one person that steals the covers (*cough* Tim *cough*). OH! And the cute little white pillow? Mom made that for our ring bearer to use walking down the aisle. After the wedding she replaced the stuffing with dried lavender so it's now a sweet sachet!

And how great do our bedside tables look?! I am loving their classic look. This is my side. The pretty tin box was a wedding gift and the frame was a gift from me to Tim while we were engaged. It was a Pinterest idea that I liked (though I'm not really the hugest fan of Pinterest). I printed out the words "I Love you because..." on a pretty piece of paper and framed it. Then using a wet-erase marker, you can write on the glass. Tim and I write sweet or goofy things to each other and put the frame in random places around the house. Okay, I'm done being sappy. You can stop groaning now. ;-)

Don't you just LOVE our bedroom now? And this is only half of it. The other part of the room is still in progress...
Still to do on this bed:
  • Make a bed skirt (got a twin sheet so I'm going to see if I can make that into a bedskirt)
  • Fix the tan pillows. Since we got a kingsize duvet, the pillows were king size (aka extra long). So I've got a plan to use that extra length and make them even cuter. We'll see...

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  1. Okay, all I can think of is Barney's bedroom when he hangs the lion head above his bed. But you guys have a deer. Start small and go big later!

    But seriously, it looks great!