Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best Meal So Far...

Last night's meal was "meh" at the best. It was baked potatoes topped with chili and cheese (and crushed Doritos!) and fruit on the side. Sadly my baked potato was still half raw (even after being in the oven for over an hour - and it was a tiny potato!) so my meal was just bleh. I hate unexciting meals.

Tonight's meal was (quote from Tim) "the best we've had all month". Hooray! We had leftover noodles from spaghetti and so I tossed in some mixed veggies, and some chicken that I had sautéed in Teriyaki sauce. So delicious! 

As I side, I attempted egg drop soup. It's always so yummy in restaurants. After researching it online, I realized it was really just chicken broth and an egg. And I had both! Bring chicken broth to boil in a pan and drizzle in egg (well beaten) with a fork. The boiling quickly cooks the egg. When I drizzled in the egg, it all kinda just rose to the center in a big mass and I was kinda worried. But I just whisked the soup with the fork and the little egg pieces all fell apart perfectly. The soup was SO good and Tim said we should have it as a side dish with every Asian meal. Hooray for trying new things that turn out delicious!

On the DIY side of things, I started painting the baseboard in the sewing room. When our landlady added the trim (she did all the "fabulous details" herself) she must have used a cheap wood glue because I think that is what turned brown and made the trim look so bad. See the glue on the left?

So I started painting with a very small brush to not have to touch up the wall any. It was slow going but I think it looks much better.

Oh! A good tip: you can clean old, dried out paintbrushes with vinegar. Yeah. I had a brush that I had left some paint on (Dad would have chided me for not cleaning my brush properly) that made the bristles unbendable. Well, I didn't have any paint thinner (and couldn't go buy any of course!) so I Googled "clean a paint brush with..." and the first thing that popped up was white vinegar. I've got that! 

Heat the vinegar in a pan until boiling and then pour in an old jar (I used a big pickle jar) and soak for 30 minutes or so. 

Then clean with soap and water. Not bad. My brush is now usable again. Thanks Internet. 

One week down, three to go! We can do this!

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