Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 1 of Four Weeks of Frugality

Tonight's dinner was a success... mostly. Had quite a few eggs that I needed to use so I decided to make Sausage Quiche. I used this recipe for the crust (quite good) and this recipe as a base for the filling. I changed it slightly and used a can of Hunt's Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilis (like Rotel) and used grated cheddar and parmesan as the cheeses. It was delicious and we have enough for leftovers! It will probably be showing up again within the next four weeks! I whipped up some cinnamon apples out of some apples that were on the verge of going soft and attempted to make some hashbrowns with leftover potatoes.  I followed this recipe but horribly burnt the first batch (fire alarm and everything) and only slightly burnt the second batch. Sweet Tim ate it and said it tasted amazing.

Thanks to couponing, most of the things in our pantry were purchased at a reduced price. I remember getting the pound of sausage for $1.25 and the can of tomatoes was only about 50 cents, I think. I'm sure I'll talk more about couponing as this month goes on. I save about 50% on my grocery bill and I like that!


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  2. woohoo! ready to see the rest of your days! maybe one month I can be like you! :)