Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 18 of Four Weeks of Frugality

Thursday Night was so wonderful! We had friends over for a dinner we've been planning since Thanksgiving and finally got around to having! Daniel and Erin drove down from Athens, and Ethan and Paige and TC made our party complete.

Ethan and Paige roasted a delicious turkey they got on a crazy sale.

Tim made a green bean casserole he'd been wanting to make for a while.

I made some more bread and some honey butter (1 part honey to 2 parts butter and then whip it).

Daniel and Erin brought a salad (in a cute monogrammed bowl!).

Oh, and we mixed up some mashed potatoes from one of our many boxes.

And after dinner we all played games. What a fun evening!!!

Friday, I went with the church to Atlanta with 16 4th/5th graders and a few other adults (because one of their chaperones had to back out at the last minute). Despite barely getting any sleep, we had a fun time. The sad part was that I had to buy two fast food meals on the drive there and back. Sad day. Thankfully, we had a Visa debit gift card from Christmas so I didn't have to spend any money from the bank.

I came home exhausted on Saturday night and sweet Tim had cooked dinner - mac and cheese and weenies and a side of green bean casserole (because a veggie is a requirement) and a few cheese sticks. It was delicious.

For lunch on Sundays we usually go out to dinner after church with friends. Our favorites restaurants are Chinese and Mexican. Poor Tim has been craving Leiu's Peking so for lunch today, we heated up the frozen Chinese dinner I bought when they were buy one get one free. Add some homemade egg drop soup and it was a yummy meal for under $1 each.

We're headed to Small Group tonight and bringing some homemade bread. Small Group dinners are always great because everyone brings a dish!

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