Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Southern Supper Spectacular

Today was Tim's off day which is always wonderful! We went to church and picked up a free cabinet that they gave me. I'm planning on putting it in the Sewing Room. Pictures as soon as we get it out of the back of my car (it's pouring here!).

For lunch, we decided to go on a date to Longhorn (we had a gift card from Tim's sister - thanks Angela and Mark and Erin!). We both had soup and salad combos - so delicious.

For a late dinner we had a Southern Supper Spectacular: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fried okra, and squash casserole. I got the recipe for the squash casserole from this website and halved it using a pound of sliced squash that I bought on sale and then froze. Thanks to Ethan and Paige we had some Ritz crackers too. Sadly, however we used the last of all our cheese. Hopefully we don't need cheese over the next two weeks! The meatloaf was a mix but it was quite tasty.

And no Southern meal is complete without sweet tea (for Tim) and lemonade (for me).

Oh, good news: We've completed 14 days of Four Weeks of Frugality! Halfway through!

Oh and I started fixing up some shelves for the Sewing Room that we stole from Tim's parents' house. They were just boring stained wood so I wanted to paint them nice and white.

I gave it a quick sand with a block sander and then started painting it white.

Can't wait to show the finished shelves!

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