Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 5

Today was a very productive day! Got the sewing room all cleaned out (well, mostly cleaned out) and then started painting! So before we got married, I had bought two gallons of gray paint hoping to paint the kitchen when we got here. Well... our landlady loves our strange, out-dated, dingy kitchen. And refuses to let us paint it. Sigh... so I've had 2 gallons of paint just sitting there for 6 months. I went to stir it, and it was very thick at the bottom. Thankfully, I had some Floetrol (it's an additive that you can put in latex paint to make it a little thinner - hides paint strokes and makes the paint go on smoother). And it restored the paint back to it's former glory. Hooray! I got a first coat on everything before Tim got home. I'm loving the color! (Which doesn't look amazing in this picture, but trust me, it's fabulous.)

Poor Tim came home from work sick and pitiful. So dinner was comfort food on paper plates on the couch. 

Chicken casserole over rice (thank heavens for a freezer!) this time with added steamed fresh broccoli and cinnamon cooked apples. And then we watched an SEC team beat up on some poor other team. Aw yeah!

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