Monday, January 21, 2013

Cabinet Before and After

So last week I went to help out at church and they had a white cabinet that was falling apart and they were going to take it to the dumpster. I figured Tim could fix it up (and then I could use to for sewing storage) and said I would come pick it up the next day. Well, when I got there the next day, they had already taken it to the dump but they had another cabinet we could have. Thanks!

Tim and I managed to squeeze it into my car and got it home. But it was kind of plain and boring so I wanted to spice it  up a little. At the suggestion of sister-in-law Lydia, I thought I could add wrapping paper to the back. So I did!

I had some wrapping paper that I got for half off at Hobby Lobby after Christmas and some spray adhesive that we had leftover from the Tardis doors in the living room.

Start by taking off the backing of the cabinet by removing all these little nails.

Once you have the back off, be sure to get out all the nails (even the ones you drop on the floor).

Go around and hammer all the spots where the nails used to be - mine didn't come out very cleanly:

Lay the wrapping paper down and make sure you like the look (I love it!).

Cover the floor with something to protect from overspray from the spray adhesive (I used shipping boxes). Spray a light coat of adhesive and then lay down the wrapping paper (giving special care to match the seams). Lay something flat and sorta heavy on top to help adhesion. Let dry at least an hour.

Trim the wrapping paper.

Hammer all those little nails back into the back of the cabinet.

And TA-DA! I *love* it! And I didn't spend a penny! 

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