Monday, January 14, 2013

Catching up...

The last few days have been great! Saturday, Tim's parents drove down to see our place for the first time. And they were sweet enough to treat us to dinner! As my Aunt Carol would say, "Travel light and mooch." Sunday was leftovers for lunch and then Small Group dinner that night. We were asked to bring a dessert and so I decided to make cupcakes with a box of cake mix that I had bought on sale with a coupon. I googled how to make a box cake taste better and here was the overarching ideas: replace the water called for with milk, replace the oil called for with melted butter and add an extra egg. They actually turned out pretty yummy with a simple buttercream frosting (but now I'm out of powdered sugar - hope we don't need any before February!).

Today I spent most of the day figuring out my new serger. It was Tim's big Christmas present to me (of course he got it ridiculously on sale cuz he's clever like that). Then I made some pillow covers to try to sell on Etsy. But I need pillow forms to put inside them for pictures so I guess I'll have to wait until February for that too. Oh well.

But the most exciting part of the past few days was Tim's dinner tonight! He'd been planning on making dinner for a week or so and it was great to just relax and sew while he did all the work!

Blackened salmon over garden rice with green beans and homemade bread. SO delicious! The blackened salmon was the perfect amount of spiciness. 

I had made the bread earlier today. It was pretty good - the crust was just a little too chewy for my taste. But still super good with a little homemade apple butter. (Yes, it's crooked - gotta work on that...)

Oh, and for "dessert" Tim wanted brussels sprouts. Ew. They are just cooked mini cabbages. Ew. But Tim really likes them.

Wednesday night's meal is going to be "Southern Comforts" - meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fried okra and squash casserole. Can't wait!!!

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