Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 6 of Four Weeks of Frugality

Today started poorly. No hot water in the sink. Huh. What could cause this? Tim is already at work so I go check the hot water heater in the laundry room. It's spewing water and there is an inch of water all over the floor. I call Tim on the Chick-fil-A landline (which I've never done) he gives me the landlord's phone number and I leave a message with him. Tim comes home, gets the water to stop spewing and started pushing all the water out of the room (and the adjacent room used for storage of tools and such). To top it all off, Tim was still feeling sick and exhausted. He goes back to work, our plumber lady finally shows up and pronounces that she's got to go buy an entire new heater. So glad we aren't paying for that!

Tim came home again and feeling ill and then spent the rest of the day on the couch sleeping. Poor guy.  Tonight's planned meal was changed to soup because soup always makes you feel better... it's proven. Thankfully, Tim's brother and sister-in-law had given us a delicious looking soup for Christmas.

 I added some frozen Kroger mixed veggies and a pound of ground beef that I had pre-cooked and then frozen. (I bought the 5 pound roll and then cooked it all and froze them in 1 pound increments. Perfect for nights like tonight!) The soup was so good!

Paired with some Apple Muffins (from this post) and we had a very yummy meal!

Everyone please pray that Tim feels better soon! I don't like seeing him sick!

Oh, and I finished the second coat of paint on the walls in the sewing room - looks great. Tomorrow is trim and then it's ready for furniture!

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