Thursday, January 3, 2013

Protesting New Years Resolutions

What a wonderful couple of weeks! Christmas celebrations in 4 different cities and then a few days in Orlando cheering on the Bulldogs to a win! So wonderful! But now it's back to real life. Many people made New Years Resolutions this week. Tim and I are protesting. The resolutions are usually so vague: be healthier, be nicer, save more. And once February hits, most resolutions are forgotten or purposefully ignored. So Tim and I are going to be different. This year we will have 12 monthly goals. One month is the perfect length of time to work on something - a very defined something.

January - 4 Weeks of Frugality

Starting today (January 3rd) Tim and I are spending $0. The rest of January, exactly $0 is spent. 

  • Of course we still have to pay our bills. Bummer.
  • We filled up the cars with gas today. We intend to be VERY stingy with driving and stay only in Milledgeville.
  • We can only eat food we already have in the pantry/freezer/etc. 
  • Meals MUST include at least 1 vegetable or fruit. 
  • We have a few gift cards for restaurants that we are allowed to use. But we're saving them until the end of the month just in case we end up eating Ramen noodles 3 days in a row.
So, no buying a piece of gum, a yard of fabric, a Diet Coke, a Starbucks coffee, or discounted Christmas ornaments (today's temptation!). These next four weeks will be a test of willpower, creativity, and contentment. Can't wait!

Tonight's dinner? Sausage quiche (to use up some eggs that will expire soon), cinnamon apples and hash browns (from leftover cooked potatoes). I'll be sure to post a picture. 

I intend to blog at least every other night to keep accountable and to show all the (hopefully) creative things I come up with to eat using the food we already have. All encouragement and prayers are appreciated!


  1. Good luck Delancey! I am impressed! If you have any tips for starting to plan meals for a week at a time, let me know! Trying it is a bit overwhelming!

  2. Ethan did get you some deer meat, right?

  3. I think this is a great idea and very impressed with you. Hope it goes well. I think the only struggle I would have would be the yard of fabric. When do we get to know what you'll be doing in February?

  4. Bailey, the only advice I have for you is to look through your pantry and then write it out. Then write an ingredient list for each night. I've done the weekly write-up quite a few times and it's so much less stressful than coming up with something every night. I think I should write out one for next week!

    And yes, Sharon, Ethan did give us some deer meat! Thank goodness! I think it's going to become chili tonight!

    Virginia, as soon as we know what we're doing in February, we'll let you know. We wanted to make each month appropriate to where we are at the moment and not be tied to some list we made the beginning of January. Who knows what will happen this year!