Monday, January 7, 2013

Tim made me a table!

So Tim is amazing.But you already knew that. But he was even more amazing that usual on Saturday because me made me a table!! Yeah. He found these table legs at Lowe's on clearance a few months ago and grabbed the last four planning to make me a table for my sewing room. We thought about turning an old door into a table but all the ones in the shed were rotten and holey. So we put a table on the back burner. Then Saturday we were taking a walk through the woods behind our house (towards our landlords) and passed this dilapidated shed. The roof had fallen in years ago it seemed, and all the wood was just rotting. You couldn't even get to the "building" without hacking through loads of briars and undergrowth. Anyways, Tim spotted some boards that looked better than the others and braved the thorns to retrieve them and then carried them on his shoulders like Paul Bunyan all the way back to the house. He wasted no time and set about making me a table right then despite the now-present darkness. 

No kidding about the darkness.

Anyways, so he laid the boards upside and attached a frame that the legs would attach to. 

Then he screwed on these neat little metal things that would be the base of the legs.

And he got to use his Christmas present from me: a new drill!

Then he found some more old boards in the shed and used them for facing pieces (at least, that's what I'd call them). They look shnazzy.

After it was all done, he put a diagonal 1x4 underneath the table to brace it even more but we forgot to take a picture of it. ;-) So here it is in the Great Room (it will go in the Sewing Room as soon as the paint on the walls dries!).

The sign on top was a Christmas present to us from my brother Watts. He made it with twine (for the "The") and cut chicken wire for the Carsons part. Creativity runs in the family!

I am LOVING the new/old table. I may get a piece of glass cut for the top and use it as a sewing table (after January of course!) or I might just put a coat of polyurethane on top to seal it. Still can't decide. But I'm so excited about it!

Oh, and DAY 4 of Four Weeks of Frugality was great! We had four friends over for dinner and I served spaghetti (with more deer meat from Ethan - he gave us a lot!) and garlic bread (that I had in the freezer - I bought the premade bread with garlic spread that Walmart sells AND it was on their "We Overbaked - Save 40%" rack - making the loaf about $1 (and it serves 6-8). It freezes great and all you have to do is pop it in the oven.) Ethan and Paige brought a salad so we were all set. Hooray for entertaining on a budget!

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