Monday, January 28, 2013

Six Months!!!

Today was our Six Month Anniversary! Time sure flies when you're having fun! It seems like just yesterday I was logging onto eHarmony each night to see if this cute guy from Milledgeville had sent me another message. And here we are married and living life together! Life is so much more epic when you finally get to live it with the person God made for you to experience it with! (Yes, I just ended a sentence in "with". Sorry.)

I wanted a super special meal for tonight so I've been hoarding our good things - we can have a super special meal without spending an extra penny! I got cocktail shrimp on sale at Kroger a few months ago (50% off!) and sparkling grape juice for only $1.25. We had steak that Tim's parents had given us and brownie mix I got for $1 from Dollar General. Add some veggies and you have a gourmet meal! Candlelight is absolutely necessary.

Mmmm, sparkling grape juice.

Everything (even brownies!) is better cut into cute shapes.

Tonight Tim and I spent a few hours working on the Sewing Room. I can't wait to post an update! Hopefully soon!

Only 3 days left of No Spend January. I'm so ready to buy cheese! I miss it so much!

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