Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 2 and 3

Yesterday was great. Only left the house to go mail an Etsy package but that's okay with me. Dinner was super yummy thanks to deer meat from a friend (thanks Ethan!) and a secret chili recipe from another (thanks Wes!). And no, I cannot tell you the recipe. ;-)

Day 2:

Chili over baked potatoes with steam broccoli and leftover mac and cheese (from Tim's parents' Christmas Eve dinner). The sauce on the broccoli is what Mom would make every time we had broccoli: mayo, mustard and a little bit of lemon juice.

Day 3:

Tonight's dinner was what Mom used to call "a nixly and a vixly" (and we used to call "a mixly and a bixly). That just meant a lot of different leftovers. Tonight's leftover were chicken casserole over rice (from the Carson Christmas Eve dinner - thanks Judy!), steamed broccoli from last night, potato salad that needed to be eaten, and lima beans in a butter sauce that I got with a coupon for 60 cents. Quite a yummy dinner if I do say so.

Tomorrow night we are having three friends over for dinner - you can still entertain even if you aren't spending any money!!!

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